We make billing management simple and secure. We use Stripe for payment processing.

Accessing your billing portal

  1. Head over to your user dashboard at dashboard.upmeet.me and sign in.
  2. Press “Billing” in the top right hand corner, this will take you to our secure billing portal where it has your email and will send a confirmation email.
  3. Press the link in the email you’ll see a screen like the first image at the start of the page.
  4. From here you can perform a range of actions.

Cancelling your plan

Once you’re in the billing portal press “Cancel Plan” and continue the flow. If you have any issues email us at team@upmeet.me before your next billing date or another cycle will be charged.

Switching your plan

Currently you have to email our team at team@upmeet.me who will manually change your plan with your consent. We plan on changing this soon. You may also be subject to a check to see if the change is being requested by yourself in form of email or address.

Accessing Invoices

In the billing portal you can access all finalised invoices. If there is anything wrong with the invoice please reach out.

Have a different question?

We’re all ears! Please email us at team@upmeet.me with any questions you have.