What are recordings?

Recordings on UpMeet records the call with people with active camera’s and microphone’s. These calls usually download directly to the persons computer so it does not go through servers. However some members opt-in to the cloud recordings add-on which record on secure servers to ensure high quality and not to rely on their own machine. All cloud recordings are shown to everyone after the recording ends.

There will always be a recording indicator in the Call Interface. This cannot be prevented or tampered with.

If you don’t want to be recorded

We totally understand that, you can follow some of the tips below to stop being recorded.

Tip One

Turn off your camera (and mic if you don’t want your voice recorded). This makes sure you are not in the recording as your video is off we do not include blank tiles.

Leave the meeting

If you are on the UpMeet website and not a integration you can press “Leave” in the bottom right corner. This will remove you from the call (you can always rejoin)

Report the call

In a unlikely event that the feature is abused you should report it to us apart of our terms of service and privacy policy. Please email team@upmeet.me to report a room with the meeting link.