Available on all plans
The dashboard is the place to create and manage all your rooms. You can also access user resources like: service status, billing and our weekly changelog of improvements and updates.

Creating rooms

  • Internal Name (Required): Name of room shown in dashboard
  • HEX Code: #000000 format
  • Logo: A https:// link to an colour image to be shown in your meeting
  • Topic: Will be shown in the meetings toolbar along with the current time

Managing rooms

In the actions column of the “Spaces” table there are 4 actions:

  • </>: This will copy embed code of the meeting room to your clipboard.
  • “ClickUp” Integration: This will copy a link to add to your ClickUp List or Dashboard.
  • “Join”: This button will take you to the meeting of that row.
  • “🗑️” (red delete bin): This will permanently delete the room and cannot be recovered.