Please contact us if an error is significantly disrupting your experience.

“Device in use” / “Another app is using your camera”

It looks like the device you are using is already using your camera with another app. Close the app that is causing your camera to be used then refresh UpMeet. If that does not work, restart your device to see if that fixes the issue.

“Unblock your camera and mic”

In your browser search bar, there is commonly a camera or mic, click on this and press allow then refresh the page. If this does not work make sure your device’s camera and mic are enabled at the system-level.

“No camera or mic detected”

This means that your device is not detecting any camera or mic. This is a hardware issue or your device does not have one at all. In the meantime use another device or listen to others.


This is when a error which has severly impacted your call has happened. When this happens it usually takes you to the left meeting screen however this is not always the case. One reason why this happens commonly is when the meeting is full/when there are too many people in a call at one time.


This is when a non-fatal error has happened. This shouldn’t affect your meeting however it might mean that one or more features or settings aren’t working properly. It might be a good idea to refresh if you aren’t the host of an active breakout session.


This is when the transcription service errors. This usually happens when captions are enabled.

Any other error with a red banner

This is our error system telling you the issue, when this happens we also get notified. Please contact us if the error is incorrect or is causing major issues with your experience.