1. Install Integrations
  2. ClickUp


In this guide we will be using your UpMeet link to install your meeting in ClickUp.

  • List View

  • Dashboard View

Step One

Copy the link below and replace _YOUR_ID_ with your Room ID that was sent to your when you signed up.


Adding the theme param (optional)

You can also add the theme param to the code you added to your website by adding a &theme=XXX after your ?id=YOUR_ID. You can use the preset theme’s listed below or you can use a color hex code by adding &theme=000000 (with no hashtag).

  • &theme=blue
  • &theme=red
  • &theme=green
  • &theme=yellow
  • &theme=orange

Step Two

  1. In your ClickUp List press the ”+ View” button and select the “Embed” option.
  2. With the link you copied with your Room ID in the previous step, paste it into the “Embed URL” field.
  3. Press the “Add View” button and join your meeting

An example of the format is shown below: