1. Install Integrations
  2. Slack
We are planning on working on a native Slack bot that can be downloaded.


Using Slackbot we will setup a trigger that shares a link to your UpMeet room to your Slack channel or the DM you sent it in.


You must be a Slack Admin to complete this guide.
Copy the link below and replace _YOUR_ID_ with your Room ID that was sent to your when you signed up.

  1. Go to your Slack Admin Panel and navigate to the “Customise” section and click on “Slackbot”
  2. Press “Add New Response”
  3. In the “When someone says” field type the prompt (e.g. Start Meeting)
  4. In the “Respond with” field type the link you copied (and maybe even a little message)
  5. Press “Save” and go on a channel and try it by typing the prompt you set.

An example of a message received: