1. Install Integrations
  2. Website Installation


In this guide we will be using the UpMeet embed code to install UpMeet to a page on your website.

Step One

On your website create a new file (let’s call it mymeeting.html or whatever you want) and copy the following code into it.

<iframe src="https://upmeet.me/meet/?id=_YOUR_ID_" width="100%" height="100vh">

This will fill the page with your meeting room. However you can easily experiment with the height and width to format it however you want.

Adding the theme param (optional)

You can also add the theme param to the code you added to your website by adding a &theme=XXX after your ?id=YOUR_ID. You can use the preset theme’s listed below or you can use a color hex code by adding &theme=000000 (with no hashtag).

  • &theme=blue
  • &theme=red
  • &theme=green
  • &theme=yellow
  • &theme=orange

Step Two

The Room ID is automatically added when you go through onboarding when you sign up.
In your page that you added you need to replace _YOUR_ID_ with your Room ID in the embed code. You can find your Room ID in your onboarding email or when you setup UpMeet.

Step Three

Now your ready to test your meeting room!

Deploy the page to your website and give it a go. If you run into any error’s go back to Step 2 or email team@upmeet.me